Census Tract 4602

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Joseph Brumfield II

No statement or responses to the NBBA questionnaire submitted

Randy Conner

1. I am running for Town Council because it seems like a great way to directly be involved in what the city is currently doing and what it plans to do in the future. I’ve ran my own company since 2005. I have real world leadership skills. I recently moved back to the street in Altadena that I grew up on in the 1990s and I like the drastic difference that I see from then to now.  

 2. PUSD – the emphasis on the arts that the altadena schools have been on. I would like to see more marketing and attention brought towards the great productions that the schools put on.  COMMUNITY – I agree that the community needs a central meeting place and more community involvement in events happening locally.   The answer to both is more social media marketing for productions and local businesses. Reach people in and outside of Altadena in the most modern way possible, on their phones. There is alot of great things going on that people would partake in if they just knew about it. SAFETY is definitely a issue but better than when I lived here as a kid. Having a central community outreach center is key to communication and building connections amongst the whole town. Have one Facebook group for the community that has immediate and constant updates. 

3. I plan to engage the residents by regularly going on door to door walks and asking the residents what their current issues are. As well as setting up a table and chair outside of approved Altadena stores and introducing myself to everyone.

Billy Malone

Billy Malone – The 3 questions

  1. Why are you running for Town Council and what skills or strengths will you bring to the position?
    As a long term resident and active community member I have dedicated many hours in support of our unique and wonderful place we call home. I was always raised with the belief that it was extremely important to leave things in life better than you find them. It is for that reason that I have found myself over the years volunteering and investing time where I can, so that the Altadena I have grown to love will be a place in which my 14 year old daughter and her generation of leaders will have the same pride that we all have today. Anyone who knows me knows I am a talker, and a storyteller, but I’m also a good listenerā€¦it makes me a good communicator. I make a considerable effort towards diplomacy, trying to see all sides of an issue without taking sides, understanding the legal and county guidelines we are often bound by, and working to facilitate a compromise towards the best outcome for those involved. My naturally outgoing nature also means I’m not afraid to get the answers my constituents are looking for and I’m always accessible, welcoming the conversations you will often find me in at the end of town council meetingsā€¦more often than not being the last one leaving the parking lot.
  2. What do you see as the three biggest priorities for Altadena that you plan to act on as a Town Council representative?
    a. While I have developed many positive relationships with county representatives as a Town Councilmember, there is always a need to create even better connections with the county. These relationships need fostering and clear establishment through the council and other community groups to aid Altadena residents and county in fast tracking issues, as they occur, by creating and linking direct points of contact.
    b. Altadena is an extraordinary eclectic community with a major emphasis in the arts and the arts community. We can promote and unite ourselves even more by highlighting and focusing on what we do best by supporting more united community all-inclusive events using the arts as our base, including not only visual arts but performing arts as well, and embracing the local PUSD schools’ arts involvement and local business arts events.
    c. It is popular sentiment that Altadena lacks proper media coverage. Altadena has a lot of wonderful community organizations and civic groups that all donate a considerable amount of volunteer time. If these groups could all work together in a concerted effort on creating a new community media, rather than solely one organization that might invite bias, we could generate not only a source of community information but initiate more support and promotion within our community.
  3. How do you plan to reach out to, engage, and involve the residents of your Census Tract and the greater Altadena Community?
    I intend to continue attending as many local functions as possible, representing and engaging with my constituents, and the usual interaction through social media. However, right after the elections I would like to start planning the next ATC town hall meeting location for and within census tract 4602. Town hall meetings are a wonderful way to connect with constituents and learn more about their needs, wants, and the composition of the community. In addition, I plan on creating a social media platform for my census tract in order to be even more visible and accessible to my constituents