Information on Altadena Town Council Elections since 2013

Candidate information is on our
Candidates page

CT 4602 doesn’t have any candidates, and CT’s 4603.01, 4603.02 and 4610 have single candidates running for reelection.  Tracts 4601, 4611 and 4612 have races with two candidates, and CT 4613 has three.

ATC Candidate Presentations
Tuesday, October 19, 7:30pm
ATC Monthly Virtual Meeting

NBBA Candidate Forum
October 28, 6:30pm
Virtual Forum

In association with the Pasadena Area League of Women Voters and

Election Timeline

Applications Due: October 8
Candidate Presentations: October 19
NBBA Forum: October 28
Voting: November 2 and 6
New Member Swearing In: December 21