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Nick Santangelo


1. I have been deeply involved in every community I have resided in. The Altadena Town Council seems to be the best way to keep abreast of what Altadenans want, as well as what they feel is lacking. When I lived in Los Angeles, I wrote letters, attended Council meetings, regularly called CalTrans and the City to report graffiti, was active in land-use proceedings and local preservation efforts, farmers markets, etc. I also got to know my neighbors, which helped me understand concerns that effect us ALL. I look for the same level of involvement here in Altadena. I love the area, the community, and would do my best to see it flourish and grow.

2. Getting to know your neighbors is critical because otherwise, you have no clear agenda or goal. It isn’t just about me and what I think needs attention. Consensus is a wonderful thing. I look forward to listening to other’s concerns. If residents believe there is someone on the ATC who addresses their concerns, they will be more prone to contribute and spread the word.

I really would like to increase awareness regarding speeding cars. Our dog, Sophie was struck and killed by a speeding driver in front of our house, and I have been in contact with the County, trying to implement some sort of mitigation (STOP signs). I continue to contact them and will do so until a plan is in place. I know full well that this is an issue throughout the community, and would love to help address it areawide as well.

Homelessness, noise, trash, are all issues that need attention. As a newly-minted Rotarian, I am looking into various connections and resources the organization offers. We have had guest speakers dealing with substance abuse, homelessness, water conservation, special needs and other concerns. I am keen on creating a writing scholarship for promising local high school students. My late wife was a writer/poet and it would be a fitting way to recognize kids who may not get a lot of encouragement or support. It sounds hackneyed, but we won’t get far if our young people can’t get ahead, or run into obstacles we may be able to help them get over. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and making a positive difference where I live.

3. I would utilize social media (Nextdoor, for example), as a way to communicate. Further, there is nothing like meeting people in person, at their homes, at meetings, walking down the street, bumping into them while shopping, etc. I think we are more prone to encounter each other socially than in other communities, and that is an opportunity I would not want to squander. I have met and engaged people at the Coffee House, McGinty’s, the Library, Rotary meetings, Art Walks, Farmer’s Market, Christmas Tree Lane Lighting, etc. There are plenty of opportunities to connect.Thank you.Nick Santangelo