Census Tract 4610

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Veronica Jones

Statement for Re-election 2019

I am currently serving as the representative for census tract 4610. I am a proud Altadena native, having lived in the community for over 50 years. Growing up in Altadena, I appreciated the culture, diversity and potential of the community. I love my community and care deeply about what the future holds for its residents, schools and businesses.  Two years ago, I ran for Altadena Town Council for three reasons: to support and improve the quality of life for all fellow Altadena residents, invest in the community’s future, and to bring the core values of the neighborhood into decision making. Those reasons continue to be my reasons for running a second term.

In my two years, I have worked to gain the support of my neighbors and friends here in census tract 4610 and around Altadena. Together we have worked to make our community safer, greener and cleaner.  I would like to continue the work we have started. I have pushed the Altadena Town Council to be more active in the community, fought to end police brutality, helped put together “Walk to School Day” for Jackson Elementary students, worked with the County to bring infrastructure improvements to the area (new stop sign on Casitas Ave!), and kept in touch with community members through events and informational town halls. 

Our community is about to embark upon exciting times.  If I am re-elected, I will make sure our community is involved and engaged in all the new developments and events taking place in our Altadena community. I will continue to support and improve the quality of life in Altadena.

Veronica Jones

May 26, 2019

Census Tract 4610

NBBA Candidate Forum Questions

  1.   Why am I running and what skills and strengths I would bring to the Council?

The past two years have been enlightening and exciting.  I have been able to listen, observe and work with the residents of census tract 4610 to make improvements to our neighborhood.

I have partnered with and built relationships with residents, County, churches, businesses, public officials, schools and safety officers in my census tract.  These relationships have brought about improvements in our community.   My hope is to continue and grow these partnerships to make Altadena, safer, greener and cleaner.

I am running for the Altadena Town Council because I would like to continue and expand on the work I have started in my census tract over the past two years.  I feel I have the experience, willingness and energy needed to keep Altadena moving forward.

2. How do I plan to reach out to and involve residents of my census tract?

My plans to reach out to and involve residents of census tract 4610 include keeping residents informed on events that effect our census tract and all of Altadena.  My two years on the Altadena Town Council have taught me that good communication helps build healthy neighborhoods.  Communication is key in building and maintaining strong, safe, and thriving neighborhoods.  I use various methods and opportunities to ensure contact with my census tract.

I have found that visiting neighborhood block organizations to communicate the events in my census tract, as well as continue my quarterly newsletter and monthly email to be to my constituents.  I will continue to walk my community and get to know more families. Meeting people where they are has helped me to reach more residents.  I have and will continue to visit various churches and encourage their involvement in the community.  MAP your neighborhood has helped me to reach out to neighbors to be prepared, informed and involved.

In my first term, I have hosted the first ever government resources fair and community breakfast town hall for census tract 4610. These events were successful and connected hundreds of residents to timely information and valuable government contacts. I will continue hosting these events to encourage involvement and pride in our community.  Involvement is key to helping making Altadena, safer, greener, cleaner.  We the residents of Altadena have to do this together.  We all must be involved, we are in this together.

3. What is my vision for an expanded advocacy role on behalf of the community?

I am an advocate for Altadena. I have devoted a majority of my time to my work on the Council and communicating our communities priorities to the people who can make positive impacts and lasting change. My vision for an expanded advocacy role on behalf of the community is to build a stronger relationship with the Los Angeles County Supervisors Office, NBBA, Altadena Heritage, law enforcement and other Altadena groups.  I believe everyone living or working in Altadena must have a stake in what happens in our community.  I envision working with the entities and community organizations that help this community great.

Expanding advocacy will include continuing to build my relationship with Los Angeles County government departments and knowing what their roles are in our community.  We must build a relationship with the different departments that serve our needs, including:  Animal Care & Control, Public Works, Board of Supervisors and L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, Parks and Recreation, and importantly the Board of Supervisors.  Whenever possible, Los Angeles County government departments must know who and where Altadena is before we approach them to help in our community.

My vision includes making sure Altadena’s needs and wants are included in all areas of planning for our community, that includes having a voice in Vision Zero and the County’s Sustainability Plan.  I have submitted comments on Vision Zero and I am working on comments for the County’s draft of their Sustainability Plan.

I am currently advocating for Altadena’s less fortunate building a relationship with  the Organization Union Station for the Homeless.  Together we hope to give a voice to the less fortunate in Altadena.