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Victoria Knapp

  1. Why are you running for Town Council and what skills or strengths will you bring to the position?
    I am running for Town Council because I want to insure that there is fair representation at the local level for all Altadenans. We are a unique town, made up of a diverse population with different concerns. I want to continue to be a voice for our residents with the County and to work toward our betterment. I am an effective communicator. Specifically, I have proven myself to be a successful liaison with County departments and personnel, including: the Sheriff, CHP, the Department of Public Works, the Department of Regional Planning, and others. I make it a point to be out IN the community so as to keep abreast of the issues facing the community. Also, I am a connector and do what I can to bring people and business together. I am a go to person who operates in the interests of others.

2. What do you see as the three biggest priorities for Altadena that you plan to act on as a Town Council representative?
1. I see safety as a priority and, in particular, the reluctance of some residents to report non emergency suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s department because they are not always met with professional, courteous, action oriented staff. I continue to bring these types of customer service issues to leadership at the station as I believe when we know better, we do better. I hope that the appointment of a new Sheriff will further this effort. Included in safety, is traffic and adherence to speed limits and stop signs in particular. It is of on going concern to me that we address speeding and running stop signs by consistently evaluating and targeting the problem areas in town.
2. I see attracting small businesses to our town and supporting the ones we have as another priority. While we are no longer a grocery desert, but we are still a food desert. We need to support those already doing business here in order to attract others to want to open businesses here. I patron as many businesses in Altadena as I can and encourage others to do through promotion. I work toward providing input and feedback to local business owners as to how they can better serve the community.
3. Finally, I see promoting the robust and successful programs at our public schools to be critical to their long term success and to the future success of our children. There have been so many changes within PUSD that have adversely affected the public schools in Altadena. We all must champion our public schools by supporting their events through donations and volunteerism. Our schools need us and we need them. It is my goal that no more public schools in Altadena close.

3. How do you plan to reach out to, engage, and involve the residents of your Census Tract and the greater Altadena Community?
I have found that a multi-pronged approach is required to reach the residents of Altadena. It is important to both plan events like town halls and to attend community events throughout town so as to be a presence to meet and engage people. It is also important to convey information through social media (my Town Council Facebook page and other community group pages), through Nextdoor, and via email (sending the Town Council meeting agendas, following up with newsletters, sending specific alerts with important or time sensitive information). Further, I make sure that our local dignitaries are informed of events in Altadena so that Altadenans have access to them.